HandyMate v1.1

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20+ Estimators, useful builder tools, geometry calculators, unit convertor, scale/paper convertors ALL IN ONE APP

“Handymate is a comprehensive suite of various calculation, conversion, builder and estimation tools for Android that is meant to make the life of students, engineers, architects and mathematicians simpler. Ranging from basic unit conversion features to extensive construction estimation tools, Handymate provides you with plenty of quick calculation options that would otherwise demand a lot of time and effort or multiple apps. The best part about Handymate is its uncluttered, user-friendly interface. Each tool within the app contains several options of its own, each supplemented by relevant graphics/shapes, equations, formulae templates, units and substantial on-screen help to assist you with calculation/conversion chores. “ – Addictivetips


  • English/Spanish/Chinese Language Support
  • Results save/share
  • Estimators:
    • Wall Estimators for brick, tile, panel, wallpaper, weather board, paint, render.
    • Floor Estimators for tiles, board/deck, carpet, paint
    • Ceiling Estimators for panel, paint, plaster
    • Roof Estimators for tiles, sheets, painting
    • Ramp Estimators for tiles, timber boards, carpet, paint
  • Builder tools:
    • Ramp calculator
    • Concrete calculator
    • Stair calculator
    • Spacing(Baluster) calculator
  • Unit Convertor for Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Temperature units
  • Plot Calculators
  • Scale calculator
  • Paper calculator
  • Geometry Calculators
    • Linear Calculators for triangle, arch and ellipse
    • Area Calculators for triangle, parallelogram, trapezium, circle, ellipse, sector
    • Volume Calculators for cylindrical, cuboids


The creator of Handymate app. Now available on Android Market. View all posts by BRICK

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