HandyMate v1.1

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20+ Estimators, useful builder tools, geometry calculators, unit convertor, scale/paper convertors ALL IN ONE APP

“Handymate is a comprehensive suite of various calculation, conversion, builder and estimation tools for Android that is meant to make the life of students, engineers, architects and mathematicians simpler. Ranging from basic unit conversion features to extensive construction estimation tools, Handymate provides you with plenty of quick calculation options that would otherwise demand a lot of time and effort or multiple apps. The best part about Handymate is its uncluttered, user-friendly interface. Each tool within the app contains several options of its own, each supplemented by relevant graphics/shapes, equations, formulae templates, units and substantial on-screen help to assist you with calculation/conversion chores. “ – Addictivetips


  • English/Spanish/Chinese Language Support
  • Results save/share
  • Estimators:
    • Wall Estimators for brick, tile, panel, wallpaper, weather board, paint, render.
    • Floor Estimators for tiles, board/deck, carpet, paint
    • Ceiling Estimators for panel, paint, plaster
    • Roof Estimators for tiles, sheets, painting
    • Ramp Estimators for tiles, timber boards, carpet, paint
  • Builder tools:
    • Ramp calculator
    • Concrete calculator
    • Stair calculator
    • Spacing(Baluster) calculator
  • Unit Convertor for Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Temperature units
  • Plot Calculators
  • Scale calculator
  • Paper calculator
  • Geometry Calculators
    • Linear Calculators for triangle, arch and ellipse
    • Area Calculators for triangle, parallelogram, trapezium, circle, ellipse, sector
    • Volume Calculators for cylindrical, cuboids

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We would like to thank everyone who took the time to download ,review and commented on our app.We really appreciated the constructive insights for us to better the development of our app. We hope to resolve the issues that was highlighted and include more practical function in our next release. Thank you for your continuous support.

Hugs and Kisses,

Brick Dev Team

10,000 + Downloads !!

Finally the 10,000th downloads of our app!!

We would like to thank all of you for the downloads, comments and criticism. We hope that we will be able to improve on our app and help you with your daily tasks whether you are an architect, a builder,  an interior designer, a handyman, student or an avid DIY home owner.

In case you don’t know , Handy mate is now released in Spanish & Chinese language. We have also included a ‘Save’  feature for the calculations made which can be easily recorded and shared.  There will be a couple more new features currently on the way.

I would personally like to thank the team: Vikram Saraph,  Harry Hao, Vincent Yee and Ignacio Tello for the ideas, patience and hard work.

We hope to reach our next milestone –  50,000 +  dls soon, in the meantime we will keep on improving our app for you. Your continuous  support is much appreciated.


HandyMate Featured June 2012

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HandyMate Featured March 2012

More review, more features 🙂  as per links below  – your continuous support is much appreciated

HandyMate Featured February 2012

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HandyMate First Featured & First Reviews 23/02/2012 :)

HandyMate has been featured in :

Since we have passed our 1000+ download mark in a week, we from the Brick  Dev Team is hoping for feedbacks, comments and suggestions from all YOU users out there. We strongly believe that YOUR feedbacks, criticism, comments, and suggestions will greatly benefit US to improve HandyMate and help to make YOUR life handy, mates. Pls help US help YOUs

So come on, spare some time pls rate us and comment.


Brick Dev Team

HandyMate’s 1000+ Downloads

Yes.. we have reached 1,000+  downloads so far on the android. Thank you for your continuous support – BRICK